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Camilla Ghione

Camilla Ghione is a young Italian artist who was born and raised in the Principality of Monaco where she began to develop her passion for art at The International School, she then pursued her education at the Art Institute of New York City, where she obtained her Fashion Design degree in 2016. 

Surrounded by millions of new designers and mass production, she understood that she wanted to do something more, something different. She decided to create her own brand with a line of accessories based on her art.

She created a serie of Art made with resin and produced a line of high quality foulards and scarves with the prints of her paintings. The best natural fabrics including silk, cashmere and modal, combined with the latest printing technologies and fully hand-finished hem for the most exceptional product.


She was always fascinated by art, the idea of creating something that makes the audience reflect in some way. Her art varies from more realistic oil and acrylic paintings to more abstract resin works which she uses to create the prints of the scarves. 

The concept of the brand is to create unique, sustainable and elegant accessories with a side of modernity.

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