Camilla Ghione

Camilla Ghione is an Italian artist who was born and raised in the Principality of Monaco where she began to develop her passion for art at the International school, she then pursued her education at the Art Institute of New York City, where she obtained her Fashion Design degree in 2016. Art was always in her heart, she realized that she was mainly art driven and driven by what she could communicate through her works, so she decided to somehow combine the two.

In her paintings she often likes to give the audience a space of freedom and nature but at the same time tries to communicate through her works. She is fascinated by reflection and dimension; her latest works combine resin and acrylic painting which is her very own technique. All her paintings made with resin change and adapt to light, they also reflect what’s around them making them dynamic.

Her artworks vary from more modern resin pieces where she is inspired by psychology, elements of nature, space… to more conceptual mirror works or more nature inspired ones in a world where unfortunately it is often not considered enough. She is very passionate about representing the social and environmental issues of our society, our world. She also likes to bring forward aspects of our society which are overlooked, such as women, she always represents women figures in her works.

She has been doing more and more collaborations with no profit organizations to connect them to her paintings such as planting twenty trees per work sold. Additionally, the pieces with the sea have 10% going to Ocean Clean Up to help restore our seas and rivers from plastic.

In December 2021 she participated in a Sotheby’s auction at Bal de Noel in Hotel de Paris in Monaco, her painting “More than what you can see” sold for Charity of Princesse Charlene. Camilla Ghione captivates audiences with her evocative artworks, blending visual beauty with profound messages, she has been doing art fairs all around the world, her works are collected in some of the most prestigious collections. Her unique approach to art positions her as a distinctive voice in contemporary art, constantly pushing the boundaries of what art can be and how it can be experienced.

In November 2018, she launched her own brand of luxury accessories “ART TO WEAR’ pieces printed with her art works. The mission of the brand is “To be an exclusive ART TO WEAR house in a luxurious and sustainable way. Combining Art, Nature, Technology and Made in Italy”

The best natural fabrics including silk, cashmere and modal, combined with the latest printing technologies and a hand finished hem to create unique, sustainable and elegant accessories.


One product that can follow you all year around and adapt to your needs in all situations. Each product is timeless and does not belong to any year or collection. “The art of wearing ART”

We believe in more sustainable processes from the origin to the product, ‘We only have ONE WORLD’. From selecting the most natural fibers, to choosing the most environmentally friendly ways to print the fabric, without using toxic, with no waste of inks or water that make up one of the most polluting aspects of the fashion industry.

In 2021 we have begun planting one tree per product sold, we have already planted more than 600 trees all around the world. Planting trees is the most effective way to absorb Co2, provide food security, decrease temperatures, encourage biodiversity and benefit farmers, locals and much more! All of the trees are geolocated and photographed, we keep track of our forest.

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