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“To be an exclusive Art To Wear house in a luxurious and sustainable way. combining art, nature, technology & made in Italy”

ART combined with the best natural fabrics such as silk, cashmere and modal, the latest printing technologies and fully finished by hand to create Unique, Sustainable and Elegant accessories. 

We believe in more sustainable processes from origin to the product, we care of our world. 

From selecting the most natural fibers, to choosing the most environmentally friendly ways to print the fabric, without using toxic, with no waste of inks or water that make up one of the most polluting aspects of the fashion industry.

We believe in small things, this is the reason why we work with small quantity, to make each one feel like they are truly exclusive. 

We believe in quality, each product is fully finished by hand and packaged with love.


Each product is timeless and does not belong to any year or collection.

ART TO WEAR All year.

Meant to follow you all year around and adapt to your needs…

“The art of wearing ART”

“Versatility is the new Sustainable”

Collaboration with treedom

Let’s save the world together! Help us create the Camilla Ghione Forest!

Camilla Ghione in collaboration with Treedom, undertakes to make an important contribution to the healthy maintenance of our planet, promoting environmental biodiversity and the values of the territory. Recently, we have decided to give all of our customers one tree per purchase, to promote sustainability and stop deforestation. 

Planting trees is the most effective way to absorb Co2, encourage biodiversity and benefit farmers. 

All of the trees are geolocated and photographed, we keep track of our forest. 


Let’s green the planet!

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