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Our scarves are produced with the best 100% natural fabrics like silk, cashmere and modal. Such fabrics are given to the masters of Italian artisanal in the famous “fashion district” in Como and Biella.

Firstly, the natural fabrics are pre-treated to get an uniform look, then the printing process begins with the digitalization of the art works, from the original canvas to the flat screen of a computer that communicates with a latest generation ink jet printer, capable of making the most minimal details.

Once they are printed, the products go through finishing, this operation enhances the colors of the material. It’s time to make the last finishes, cut, manual hand finished hem and ironing. Every product is fully checked to make sure of quality. The small imperfections are the representation of the artisanal and Made In Italy.

Limited Edition Iphone XS Cases

Our Iphone cases are decorated by hand with acrylic paints, pigments and resin by the artist, Camilla Ghione. Each piece is unique and cannot be replicated.

What makes them so unique is the drops of resin on the sides of the case, which allows more control and stability in the hand. Offering a modern and innovative look.

Our Iphone cases are made of silicone, a sustainable and long-lasting material made from silica, found in sand. Silicone has high resistance to temperature, low reactivity with chemicals, does not support microbiological growth, repels water and is resistant to UV light. The use of silicones in products has decreased the amount of green-gas released in the atmosphere.